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The new master grand tradition Grande complex patek philippe nautilus replica watchesis equipped with complicated functions of the sky, presenting a unique watch style on the dial, showing the exquisite skills of Jijia in the field of astronomical complex functions.

In 2010, the master Grande tradition grand complicated watch prototype, which was launched in 2010, is equipped with a new generation of three timing function and astronomical display design for the first time to realize technical innovation. The patek philippe aquanaut replica watches are also equipped with an orbiting flyer wheel as a calibration mechanism.

At the same time that it rotates on its axis within 60 seconds, the tourbillon also makes a complete counterclockwise rotation from the dial of a star. The stellar day, which is slightly shorter than the solar time (based upon civil timing), is the earth's rotation period measured according to the standard associated with "fixed" stars, with an accuracy of 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4. 1 seconds. When astronomers observe the motion like phenomena regarding stars in the night sky, they take this as a reference.

On the edge of the star disk is a gold sun shaped pointer to indicate the date, month, zodiac and the 24-hour scale on the inner edge in the dial. For civilian use, it can be read from two concentric circles on the dial: the first ring is inlaid with time mark, and its silver outer engagement ring is decorated with minute scale.
Aesthetic characteristics
The brand new master great tradition Voluminoso complicationmaster series of complex functionality buy replicas watchwith excellent movements achieve a unique appearance as well as integrate a variety of complex functions to present a new aesthetic concept. This view once again highlights the superb design and art technology involving Jijia. There are two styles: one with a warm rose gold case having a black switch; the other using a dark blue dial which has a cold platinum case, and also inlaid along with rectangular cut diamonds within the ring to shine bright star light.
The multi-layer dial style can make the beauty of celestial body pattern incisively and vividly, and at the same time, the actual rotating tourbillon device can be seen at a glance. In the deepest part of the dial, there is a dark glowing blue or black disc (depending on the model) and embellished with tiny star patterns. On top of it is a dome made of exquisite gold and silver wires, which echoes the particular constellation design and style on the disk of convex celestial bodies. The celebrity chart shows the northern hemisphere night sky at 46 degrees latitude connected with Jijia workshop in Ru valley.
Two types of learn Grande custom Grande sophisticated replica Graham Watcheswith Jijia grasp series are equipped with three timing devices released in 2019, which make typically the charming call art along with complex movement technology more extraordinary. The mens replica watchconsists of more than 80 parts. The convex circle and also the ear together with wide bevel edge are more beautiful. The actual hollow layout on the side on the watch ear adds a touch of dynamic tension. The conical three question timing slider with arc-shaped case makes the overall style and design more harmonious. The surface is micro sprayed, polished in addition to satin polished, and the details are moving.
The new get better at grand traditions Grande intricate watch series vividly demonstrates the long-standing technical achievements of Jijia in the field of sounding replica Franck Muller watches, as well as its vigorous enthusiasm for continuous development and unlimited respect with regard to watch making tradition.

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