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Essay Introduction Options - DavidRoss - 04 Oct 2021

After reviewing the literature and various essays, I've chosen a few options to get you started. These are the introductions:

You can refer to a moment from the past (a specific century, year, period) or compare past and present;
An example of an essay introduction.

It's hard to imagine that just a few decades ago, people didn't know what the Internet was.

If your essay is about a person or his work(s), you can safely use this option. An interesting fact from the biography can serve as a starting point;
It is unknown how the fate of Sofia Kovalevskaya would have turned out if she had not chosen the study of mathematics as her cause of life.

Is essaybox legit? Means an explanation of the main terms mentioned in the title of the topic or the essay itself;
Each of us will not hesitate to give a definition of the concept of money, but in economic science there is still no clear definition.

I deliberately bring this option not at the beginning, as it is used more often. Remember: just a quote will not surprise you anymore. Approach the question thoroughly. Find a juicy and vivid quotation related to the topic of the essay.
Personal. Here it's simple. Tell a story from your life that will explain your choice of topic.

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